Crazy Irishman

We Are CRAZY and that’s OK

One thing you just gotta accept when you’re an irishman is that you’re crazy.  I’m not talking a little crazy…  I’m talking a LOT crazy.  It’s in our blood.  Irish = CRAZY.  I’m so crazy that you’ll find me throwing axes at one of these Connecticut Axe Throwing Businesses all day long!  Read about them on The Danbury Review!  The Danbury Review interviews Connecticut-Based Businesses like Connecticut Axe Throwing!

These guys are legit crazy, but it was crazy fun too!

Check out this video!

That’s not me, but if it was I’d be much paler and probably have a drink in my hand.

You’ve got to just love it.  Throwing axes and drinking beer.  The place is BYOB which means for me to pre-came a little bit and head over there.  It’s all about getting crazy.  I love throwing axes.  If you’re ever in the area then stop by Pine & Iron and give it a couple throws.  You won’t soon regret it!

Irish & Business

Being Irish in Business

As an Irishman I’m kind, but straight to the point.  You might think that’s an oxymoron.  I’m friendly on the surface, but when you get really down to it there would be nothing better than me beating the fuck out of you.  Too many people come into my store and complain about their electronics breaking… when they drop them.

It should be more durable

More durable?  Is that a fucking joke?  It’s a Camera!  Cameras are not known for their durability.  Sometimes I just want to punch the motherfucker in his throat.  I guess that’s the Irish in me.

As you learn more about me you’ll notice I’m not such a bad guy.

If you want to set the next world record for how much you can beat the shit out of your camera then you might as well get one of these bad boys!